2021-2022 Monthly Tuition Charges


1 Class $75 1 Classes $65
2 Classes $110 2 Classes $100
3 Classes $130 3 Classes $120
4 Classes $150 4 Classes $140
5 Classes $170 5 Classes $160
6 Classes $190 6 Classes $180
7 Classes $210 7 Classes $200
8 Classes $230 8 Classes $220
9 Classes $250 9 Classes $235
10 Classes $270 10 Classes $260
11 Classes $285 11 Classes $275
12 Classes $305 12 Classes $295

*The “first student” in the family is the student enrolled in the most classes. This student is charged the first student rate. Any additional family member living in the same household enrolled in equal or fewer classes is charged the “additional student rate”.

Monthly class rates apply to all classes regardless of length. 30, 60 and 90 minute classes are all charged the same rate to better help you plan your tuition.

Drop in rate for classes is $18.00 per class session.

Monthly Tuition is due the 1st of the month.

Please read this important information on our payment policies.

Families will receive a monthly tuition statement, which can also be viewed at any time by logging into your Studio Director account. Please remember to pay your monthly tuition on time.  Any payment received after the 5th of the month is subject to a $30 or 10% of your balance late fee, whichever is greater.

Additional Fees

Additional fees will automatically be placed on each students’ account.  This fee chart has been updated for the 2021-2022 school year.
(**Fees are subject to change.)
Most recent update 05/12/2021

Families can log into their Studio Director account at any time to view each student’s account balance.

Competition Students: please refer to the Competition Team fee chart for accurate costs.

Holiday Show Costume Rental
Includes use of (1) costume plus purchase of (1) pair of tights.
Costumes must be returned after the show.
 $45       Due: 10/01/21
Holiday Show Participation Fee/Ticket Package Includes (2) tickets for each show the student performs in.
Additional tickets must be ordered separately in advance ($20 each)
 TBA       Due: 11/01/21
Recital Costume Fees
Costume fee must be paid per class.
For example, students in 3 classes will incur (3) $80 fees.
Each fee includes all accessories, tights, and shoe ribbons for the show.
 $85       Due: 12/01/21 – 50% deposit
Due: 02/01/22 – remainder
Two payments of $42.50 each
Recital Ticket Package
Includes (2) tickets per family for each show (2 shows total) and (1) T-shirt.
Additional tickets must be ordered separately in advance.($20 each)
For families with multiple children, the following fees will be charged instead of the $115 fee:
$140 for 2 children
$160 for 3 children
$180 for 4 children
These adjusted fees still include (2) tickets per show per family, and (1) T-shirt per child as wll as rehearsal times at the Capital Center for the Arts.
 $115       Due: 4/01/22
Registration Fee
Annual registration fee.
 $35       Due: 05/01/22


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